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Purchasing Universe Study - Positioning - Brand Identity - Store concept - Communication Strategy - Various creative developments - …

> The Challenge

In 2015, after 10 years of business, the founders of BI'OK decided to give their brand a new dimension. The opportunity to open a new store in Grez-Doiceau and the desire to completely remodel the Thorembais store had triggered a fundamental rethink. What do our customers really want? What is our real positioning? Does our brand identity truly reflect our DNA? Are we communicating in the right way?

> The Response

We supported Bi'OK at different levels, starting with a Purchasing Universe study which enabled us to understand shoppers' real expectations of the brand, their purchasing behaviour and to highlight the potential drivers for attracting new customers. We then held a workshop where we worked on defining (and redefining) the brand positioning. We created the new brand identity and translated it into a unique store concept. Today, our role continues in the form of developing new store concepts and online and offline communication media.

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Intelligence & Strategy - Concept & Design - Communication

Étude de potentialité, Identité de marque, Identité visuelle, Positionnement