> Since 2018

> Activities

Shopper study - Advertising positioning - Store concept (layout plans, circuits, ILV, ...)

> The Challenge

Become the household name for on-the-go ready-to-eat meals. To offer commuters a wide choice of quality meal solutions, adapted to all desires, budgets, at all times of the day and night consumption of the day.

> The Response

After a preliminary Shopper study, aimed at defining the key expectations of Commuter Shoppers in terms of "on-the-go" meal solutions, we assisted Delitraiteur Eat&Go in translating these expectations into a unique store concept. We worked on the layout plan, the store identity, all the signposting and signage in the store. We have structured the offer according to the shoppers' operating logic. The result is a first "on-the-go" ready-to-eat concept adapted to all types of needs in terms of meal solutions for commuters. Comparable to a mini Food Court, mini "food-court", the store offers its customers the possibility to eat well according to their desires while remaining efficient.

> Categories

Intelligence & Strategy - Concept & Design - Communication

Étude de potentialité, Identité de marque, Identité visuelle, Positionnement